Personal Advice

Wise Financial Consulting prides itself on putting the “personal” in personal advice; by listening to and working closely with our clients we develop individual solutions for individual situations.

As we go through life our financial position usually changes. We offer a holistic approach to financial planning which ensures we can cater for everyone’s needs no matter what their age and circumstance.

As far as Pensions and Investments are concerned Wise Financial Consulting employs a fund management strategy which is reviewed on a monthly basis as a minimum. In partnership with Verbatim and Raynor Spencer Mills, a leading independent fund research company, our clients benefit from being in the leading recommended funds for their given risk profile. If Verbatim and Raynor Spencer Mills deem a fund to be underperforming they will recommend an alternative fund and the switch will be made automatically and free of charge.

Have you ever wondered why your investment isn’t working for you? One potential reason for this is that no one is reviewing it monthly or face to face annually!

Corporate Advice

Wise Financial Consulting can work with you to provide an extensive range of benefits from shareholder protection, group pensions and various employee benefits to ensure your company is financially fit for the future.

We ensure that all individuals within your company have the opportunity to have an individual bespoke solution at no extra cost.

The major problem that we have identified within corporate advice is that it is very much a case of one size fits all. As far as Group Pensions are concerned, would it be appropriate to have a 63 year old in the same fund as a 35 year old? The answer would probably be “No” but all too often we encounter this very issue where individuals who have very different requirements haven’t been catered for.

All aspects of the companies’ needs will be investigated whether that is a benefits package or competitive business insurance, making sure that the provision is accurate and value for money. Wise Financial Consulting takes care of all of this for you therefore cutting down on administrative time and expense.